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mikoriza untuk kesuburan tanaman

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The use of mycorrhizae greatly assist in increasing agricultural output. This fungus is able to increase the yield of between 30-50% of normal results depending on crop type. Increase production, healthy soils, and saves the use of chemical fertilizers. Get in Kiosk Trans Agro
  Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic relationship mutualistis form ( mutually beneficial) between fungus / fungi ( mykes) and roots ( rhiza) plants. Mycorrhizae have the ability to associate with almost 90% of plants ( agriculture, forestry, plantation and fodder crops) and helps in improving the efficiency of absorption of nutrients ( especially phosphorus) on marginal land.
  The working principle of the mycorrhizal root system is infecting the host plant, producing intensively so interwoven hyphae containing mycorrhizal plants will be able to increase capacity in the absorption of nutrients. In general, the benefits provided by the use of bio-fertilizers mycorrhizae are:
  a. Enhance Nutrient Absorption ( P element)
  Bermikoriza plants ( endo-mycorrhizal) can absorb higher P fertilizer ( 10-27% ) compared with plants that do not bermikoriza ( 0.4-13% ) . Recent research on some agricultural crops can save 50% Nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer Potassium fertilizer 27% and 20% . Effect of mycorrhiza on plant growth differences compared Added control plant height, as shown in Table 1.
  b. Root Pathogens withstand attack
  Bermikoriza roots are more resistant to root pathogens due mantle ( Hypa tissue) covering the roots can protect the roots. In addition, some mycorrhizal produce antibiotics that can attack bacteria, viruses, fungi that are pathogenic.
  c. Improve soil structure and Not Pollute the Environment
  Mycorrhizae can improve soil structure by covering the soil grains. Aggregate stability increases with the resulting gel polysakarida mycorrhizal-forming fungi. Because it is not a chemical fertilizer does not pollute the environment.
  d. Once fertilization Plant Lifetime
  Because it is a living creature that mycorrhizal association with plant roots since will continue to grow and as long as it also helps the plant to increase the absorption of nutrients necessary for plant growth.
  Mycorrhizae Fertilizer Use Biological Engineering
  Mycorrhizal spores in the form of fertilizer and mycorrhizal fungi infected root pieces are mixed with zeolith as media. The effective use of fertilizers used on crops while still dipersemaian ( young plants) whose roots have thickened. It provides greater opportunities for mycorrhizae infect plant roots. Given fertilizer by sprinkling fertilizer on the hole before planting, putting fertilizer / root infected the roots of young plants or mix mycorrhizae in the soil for plant nurseries
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